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Announcement of Youth Festival

•   Zonal Youth   (Professional Zone at R.N. College of Engineering & Tech. (2nd to 4th Nov.).

•   Mgt. Discussion   (Preliminary preparations & brainstorming by core team).

(Preliminary preparations & brainstorming by core team )

we are thrilled to announce 40th Zonal Youth Festival 2017 to be happen in the month of November & the dates for this has already been decided which is 2nd Nov to 4th Nov & this year PKG Group has been allotted with the golden opportunity to organize this event in its own campus .Our management, faculty members & other team members are in progress of sharing their ideas, their thoughts to organize this event in fruitful way to our zone. .

Professional 40th Zonal Youth Festival (KUK) @PKGGI
(Department of Youth & Cultural Affairs)
(Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra)
(2nd Nov. to 4th Nov. )

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