High Tech Laboratories

Classrooms and faculty are trained in, so are our laboratories by being exceptionally equipped. From science labs to Engineering we facilitate and upgrade with the need of the hour.

Engineering Department

• Fluid Mechanics Lab.
• Fluid Machinery Lab.
• Engineering Materials Lab.
• Metallurgy Lab.
• Analog Lab.
• Integrated Circuit Lab.
• Controls Lab.
• Instrumentation Lab.
• Refrigeration Lab.
• Air Conditioning Lab.
• Applied Thermodynamics Lab.
• Manufacturing Processes Lab.
• AutoCAD CAD/CAM Lab with high end CAD/CAM software.
• Network Lab.
• Electronic Devices Lab.

For the sprouting engineers of today and tomorrow we enhance our facilities and upgrade time to time to infuse practical learning.

Chemical labs

• Mechanical operation Lab.
• Fluid flow Lab.
• Chemical reaction engineering Lab.
• Mass transfer Lab.
• Chemical technology Lab.
• Heat transfer Lab.
• Thermodynamics lab.


• Communication Skills Lab.
• Chemistry Lab.
• Physics Lab.
• Hardware Lab (DCLD).
• Software Lab .
• Microprocessor Lab.
• Theory of Machines Lab .
• Strength of Materials Lab.
• Computer Lab.