MBA in Finance

"Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship."

- By Benjamin Franklin..

About Course

For those seeking a career that deals with money, an MBA specialization in finance can prove to be invaluable. It is a career field which requires one to possess skills in mathematics, economics, and financial theory, all of which are covered in great detail in a finance degree, specialization or track. An MBA in finance balances mathematical rigor with management classes, and can be a good way to direct your career towards c-suite jobs in finance. As well as what you learn in the classroom, you will be able to undertake a finance internship (at most schools) allowing you to expand on your MBA while actively researching whether or not a career in finance is right for you.

No. of Intakes - 60

Note   :-  Admission shall taken as per the guildlines of universities and approval bodies.

Job Opportunity

Career in Financial Management can vary from business to business, but financial management careers typically include asset management, corporate finance, investment banking, sales and trading, personal finance and insurance.

Top Brands for Employement

Almost every company has opportunities in finance, but of course, many students will undertake an MBA in Finance with a goal for working with purely Financial institution.

Top Brands for employement